Strong Kids Healthy Kids by Fredrick Hahn

Fitness for children once was managed by daily chores on the farm, around the house, long walks to school or even laboring in the factories.  Athletic fun and organized sports too have been a source of fitness for children.  But in this era, a huge percentage of children --over 50%--are classified as obese and unfit; we can no longer ignore that children in our society and age are unfit. 

Fredrick Hahn has a passion and vision to see that every child return to being healthy with built musculature and strong skeleton structures.  As a consequence of 20-30 years of research in association with other professionals as well, Fredrick Hahn has devised and organized a program for children that builds muscle, strengthens bones, enhances metabolism and minimizes unhealthy fat (overfatness--coined by Mr. Hahn). 

He determined that 20 minutes, twice a week, of this slow burn, slow building technique, would be sufficient, in fact ideal, in abating obesity and enhancing healthy bodies for our children.  His approach to fitness is sound, scientifically congruent with research, easy to manage and satisfying to do for children and parents alike. 

This book is practical, inspiring, usable and direct.  You can listen to an interview with Fredrick Hahn with Dr. Carol Francis  on August 24, 2009, by clicking on the link above.  Happy reading, listening, exercising and being fit. 

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Numerous You Tube under "Slow Burn" are Truly helpful

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